tirsdag den 1. marts 2011


So, Rift started the head start Thursday and i've been playing it since to try it out, and I must say that it keeps surprising me. The game has got lots and lots of incredible details, the graphics is brilliant (compared to WoW) and all the little details in the player models etc. makes me happy.
I have played World of Warcraft before, and I would say that it would be the best game to compare to this. Rift is very similar to WoW, but to my experience so far is all the annoying things about WoW (too easy to get gear, way too "mainstream" etc.) gone, and alot of new features have been added.

The unique class system is very nice though, i'm still amazed by how you can make 9 different subclasses for each class, and how these collab brilliantly. I myself is a warlock-chloromancer-necromancer. Which gives me dots-heals-pets. The customisation opportunities of your chacter is endless.

I'm worried about PvP though, with this many classes could balancing be a problem, but the game aint perfect nor completely done yet. Let's see how things goes. So far, i like it alot.

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  1. The class system seems like one of the coolest in an MMO yet. A friend of mine picked this up, I might do the same when I'm through my exams :p

  2. I played a Bard and a Champion but the gameplay bored me around lvl 20-22, so now i'm turning my eyes toward Tera

  3. I think im gonna stick to wow...

  4. all the classes will make pvp epic, work as a team with your friends and you won't have to worry TOO much about balancing