fredag den 6. maj 2011

Yet another game review/story - EVE Online

My experience

I first started playing EVE Online back in 2006, and i've been on 'n off ever since. I really enjoy playing EVE, and i've always had lots of fun doing so. The reason why i've stopped playing for shorter periods from time to time is that my real life buddies tend to lose interest in the game after a while, and I can understand that.
EVE Online is not a typical game, and is not for everyone. You have to be very patient and willing to learn, learn, and learn.
I remember when I first started playing EVE, my first thought was: "What is this #@%$?", and i quickly dropped it again. But a very good friend of mine saw me playing the game for at day or two and he thought it looked very interesting, and started playing it. He quickly got hang of it, and started getting better and better, and asked me to come join him. I did so, and with his help i quickly got to learn how the game works and i LOVED IT! I like the fact that it's such a complex game and that it's almost 100% run by players. It's a sandbox game, and it's up to the players how the game forms.
And I still need to mention the best thing..

The playerbase of EVE is better than fantastic, and I was a classic example of why. All the less serious players is sorted out during the first day of playing EVE. Typical COD-Fanboys who don't have the patience to learn the game is quickly giving up and never coming back. Because of this is the whole playerbase only dedicated and friendly minded players :)

I recently started studying software, and i've noticed that more and more people around me is playing EVE too, i guess it comes with geeks :p
So! I've recently started playing again, and going strong! Currently just looking for a dedicated corp to join :)

Info for those of you who knows the game:
Ingame name: Figz12
Aprox. 20mil skill points

fredag den 15. april 2011

Starcraft 2

Holy cow how I love this game.

I've always heard a lot about the starcraft games, everyone talking about how awesome they both are and such, but i've never really been a fan of RTS games. A fellow student in my studygroup then eventually convinced me to buy Starcraft 2, and I did so. I've now been playing it for about 2 weeks or such, and i'm really liking it. I've always been a very competitive gamer, and after experiencing all the competitive aspects of this game, i'm really loving it. It's so well balanced, it's fun, and most of all, it's vbery learning. I get the feeling of always learning more and more in every match I play. I like how you can be analytic about your gameplay, and always find things you can improve on.
This is very unlike the typical First Person Shooter game, where you just run around, shooting people, and once you know the map design, the only way you can improve is just by playing more and more.
In starcraft you can actually watch your own replays and be analytic about it :)

What i'm trying to say is that I like this game, and i'm glad I finally bought it. If you're a competitive minded player, I would recommend you this!

fredag den 4. marts 2011

Piracy. Theft or sharing?

I want to talk about an already very debated topic, but maybe with a little different angle on it.
Everyone knows that piracy is illegal due to the copyright law, stating that the creator/owner of a certain product owns all rights of it. Fair enough.
There's some things about how the media talk about digital piracy that I really don't like. Everyone knows that digital piracy is happening and that it's practically impossible to stop.

A very well-known phrase used by the media is "Piracy is theft". I wouldn't say so, piracy isn't theft.
The creater of the game "Minecraft" recently gave a very good explanation of this:

“If you steal a car, the original is lost. If you copy a game, there are simply more of them in the world.” - Notch

I agree in every way of this. Another well-known "fact" is that a pirated copy of something is equal to a lost sale, also wrong (in my opinion). That would be the exact same as saying that a bad review or a missed shipment is a lost sale. Most of the people who pirates digital content wouldn't have bought the product anyway, digital piracy has sometimes proven that a "sneak peak" of the product could lead to buying is afterwards.

What I want to say with all this, is that I think we should try to focus on the positive sides of piracy for a bit. It has more or less become a fact that we can't stop piracy, no matter how much we might try. Then why not try to take advantage of it instead? Use the common piracy techniques (like torrents etc. etc.) for legal use too. Take advantage of these systems. Begin to make more open source products with donation opportunities. Make products cheaper, and don't use a ton of money on copy protection. Minecraft is a very good example, only about 30% has bought the game, and the owner, "Notch", is more than happy since he's made millions and millions.

torsdag den 3. marts 2011

iPad 2?

The iPad 2? What's your thoughts on this?
In my  opinion were the first iPad completely useless, and many others also think. It was/is just an enlarged iPod touch. I know that the main purpose of it is to work as an eBook reader, but how many actually uses it as this?
If you know anyone who actually uses their iPad in a productive way, be sure to leave a comment! :)

I went trough the specs that Apple released with the announcement of the new iPad, and nothing seems to be any different really. The resolution is a bit better, it now supports 1080p, and it got both a HDMI input and output. Fair enough, you can now watch movies on it.

I think what troubles me the most about this product is the fact that i could never see the use of this over a laptop. The laptop can do the same things, and so much more, for a cheaper cost. But, let's wait and see when the releases the new iPad, it might actually be good for something.

What's your thoughts on the iPad and the launch of the iPad 2? Be sure to leave a comment.

onsdag den 2. marts 2011

I recently got my new motherboard that i ordered, and I don't think i've ever been so disappointed.
The motherboard is the ga-x58a-ud3r rev 2.0. First impressions were pretty good, the mobo looked good and so on. but when i removed the "protection cap" on the cpu socket i saw that one of the pins in the socket were bent.. I then google'd the problem and this seems to be a very common problem on this mobo. How weak is that?
Some people had had luck trying anyways and i did so. And as expected i could install my OS etc. etc. but it only detected 4gb of my 8gb RAM. I did several ramtests etc. and the RAM is perfect.
Furthermore is the BIOS crap -.-

I would never advice anyone to buy from this company, and I will, myself, certainly never do so again.

tirsdag den 1. marts 2011


So, Rift started the head start Thursday and i've been playing it since to try it out, and I must say that it keeps surprising me. The game has got lots and lots of incredible details, the graphics is brilliant (compared to WoW) and all the little details in the player models etc. makes me happy.
I have played World of Warcraft before, and I would say that it would be the best game to compare to this. Rift is very similar to WoW, but to my experience so far is all the annoying things about WoW (too easy to get gear, way too "mainstream" etc.) gone, and alot of new features have been added.

The unique class system is very nice though, i'm still amazed by how you can make 9 different subclasses for each class, and how these collab brilliantly. I myself is a warlock-chloromancer-necromancer. Which gives me dots-heals-pets. The customisation opportunities of your chacter is endless.

I'm worried about PvP though, with this many classes could balancing be a problem, but the game aint perfect nor completely done yet. Let's see how things goes. So far, i like it alot.