fredag den 6. maj 2011

Yet another game review/story - EVE Online

My experience

I first started playing EVE Online back in 2006, and i've been on 'n off ever since. I really enjoy playing EVE, and i've always had lots of fun doing so. The reason why i've stopped playing for shorter periods from time to time is that my real life buddies tend to lose interest in the game after a while, and I can understand that.
EVE Online is not a typical game, and is not for everyone. You have to be very patient and willing to learn, learn, and learn.
I remember when I first started playing EVE, my first thought was: "What is this #@%$?", and i quickly dropped it again. But a very good friend of mine saw me playing the game for at day or two and he thought it looked very interesting, and started playing it. He quickly got hang of it, and started getting better and better, and asked me to come join him. I did so, and with his help i quickly got to learn how the game works and i LOVED IT! I like the fact that it's such a complex game and that it's almost 100% run by players. It's a sandbox game, and it's up to the players how the game forms.
And I still need to mention the best thing..

The playerbase of EVE is better than fantastic, and I was a classic example of why. All the less serious players is sorted out during the first day of playing EVE. Typical COD-Fanboys who don't have the patience to learn the game is quickly giving up and never coming back. Because of this is the whole playerbase only dedicated and friendly minded players :)

I recently started studying software, and i've noticed that more and more people around me is playing EVE too, i guess it comes with geeks :p
So! I've recently started playing again, and going strong! Currently just looking for a dedicated corp to join :)

Info for those of you who knows the game:
Ingame name: Figz12
Aprox. 20mil skill points

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  1. My friend plays this. I play a bit too many games to take this up as well.

  2. I've tried a trial of this game before. It was actually really fun, and rather impressive on how big it was. If I had more time to spend on games I'd definitely play it again.

  3. Sounds like a good game :D!